[78-L] Columbia Viva-tonal 40000 series

Malcolm Rockwell malcolm at 78data.com.invalid
Fri Aug 14 10:20:05 PDT 2015

Look at Ty Settlemier's Online Discographical Project for the whole series.
The info comes from Steven Abrams initially but has been built upon over 
the years.
The missing Co 40008-D data is as follows:

40008-DS 32255-2Samoan DancersGood-Bye, My Feleni

40008-DS 32257-2as aboveLau Lupe Ua Sola

Columbia used the w 14xxxx matrix series mostly for the Co 40000-D issue 
series, but the S- matrix series was recorded in Tokyo, Japan, and the 
Queenie Kaiki P- matrix series recorded in Sydney, Australia. All the 
others are from US masters.

Also, please note that the matrix numbers for Ellis March and Fort 
Street (Rag) (my addition) are not as indicated in the ODP. They are 
S-32256-3 and S-32259-2, respectively. There may be other errors in the 
listing as well, so be forewarned.



On 8/14/2015 6:56 AM, J. E. Knox wrote:
> Greetings from FixitLand!
> Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
>> ...The Co 40000-D series holds some of the most sought after Hawaiian recordings, with only 37 records in the series. Of those 37 records 5 are non-Hawaiian (plus one unaccounted for, discographically - Co 40008-D). Sol Hoopii, "King" Bennie Nawahi, Mme. Riviere, Keaumoku Louis and Queenie & David Kaili (an Australian/Hawaiian act wose masters were recorded in Australia) comprise the Hawaiian artists. The Nawahi material is made up of straight Hawaiian material and Bennie forgoes his regular jazz/vaudeville steel guitar style to play it straight.
>> I am only missing 5 of the Hawaiians and the 4 non-Hawaiian sides in my collection.
> The Abrams File shows only one side of Columbia 40001-D, and sketchy info at that. Malcolm, do you have more complete data at hand that could be posted here (and/or at the Facebook "annex" group)? Does this short series use regular W14xxxx matrices or does it have its own special matrix series?
> Take care,
>> Joe
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