[78-L] Max Goberman - Beggar's Opera

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Tue Aug 4 16:55:21 PDT 2015

  Just made and interesting (to me) discovery - perhaps others already are

or may also be interested.

  Max Goberman recorded the John Gay-John Pepusch BEGGAR's OPERA twice -

first for DESTO 301 (3-LP box) 1951, and again for his LIBRARY OF RECORDED
MASTERWORKS BO 1/2 (2-LP box with libretto published in facsimile by
Argonaut Press) 1962.

  The LRM set was republished on Everest 6127/2 in 1965 and must have been

available for a long time, based on the number of copies readily available.

  The DESTO set is offered rarely, sometimes at a hefty price.  What I've

learned is that CMS Records republished that set on 2-LP's CMS 599/2 in

with a song text sheet in a gatefold album.

  Best wishes, Thomas.


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