[78-L] Discophiles Francais Haydn Society EMI WarnerClassics

Thomas Stern sternth at attglobal.net.invalid
Tue Aug 4 08:06:58 PDT 2015

  I've been sampling the LILI KRAUS box set on ERATO/Warner Classics, and

read the notes about her discography.

  Wondered what the relationship was between HAYDN SOCIETY(HS) and Les
DISCOPHILES FRANCAIS(DF).  Were the recordings licensed, or jointly produced

  When DF went bankrupt, did EMI buy them out or only selected titles - are
the masters part of the EMI archives??  Any details of that acquisition ??

  There were a number of LP releases of the KRAUS recordings from EMI

and a 6-CD box which I see offered for astronomical prices (is there
something special about that release, or have people not realized recordings
are available

in the ERATO release)??

  Price of the Erato/Warner release also is all over the map - from about
$60 to $120 plus...  Anyone know why it is so varied ?

  Checking WORLDCAT for info about the HAYDN SOC. releases, noticed that at
least one CD was released.  Were all or any others HAYDN SOC. discs released
on  CDs ???  At the time of the CD releases, it seems the recordings would
have been owned by EMI - did HS have rights to the material, re-license from
EMI, just

not aware, or essentially bootleg?

  The Haydn Society LPs were released in a couple of series HSL 100 range,
and HS 9000 range.  Were there any differences in these releases, or just
renumbering the catalog ???


Best wishes, Thomas.

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