[78-L] Joplin/Medranska on 78

Ray Kilcoyne kil at roadrunner.com.invalid
Mon Jul 27 04:50:46 PDT 2015

Also SKODA LASKY and BÖHMISCHE POLKA and didn't Glenn Miller opt for ROLL 
From: Dave Burnham
Rosamunde was the only other title I knew it by!
David Lennick  wrote:
> Medranska? How many tites did this thing have? It's also Rosamunde, as I 
> recall.
> "Beer Barrel Polka" was most likely made up by someone in Victor's ethnic 
> department, since a lot of those Will Glahe records were retitled (Im 
> Gamsemarsch, the flip side, was called Squeeze the Bottle on another issue 
> besides being labelled Hot Pretzels).

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