[78-L] question about inventorying a collection

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Donna, please as your sorting through the transcriptions keep an eye out for
any Australian transcriptions, they are of great interest to me... Happy to
buy any.


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Any transcription experts on the list?  I'm going to Cape Cod to help 
the daughter of a former broadcaster (now deceased-- died at age 90, and 
was in radio off and on for more than five decades) with some 
inventorying of materials from his vast collection. He programmed his 
own radio shows in the late 30s/early to mid-1940s, and had a bunch of 
78s, most of which are now sitting in his garage. Because they were from 
the 30s and 40s, they probably aren't very rare, am I right? (I'm trying 
to determine what is worth saving, what is worth selling, what is worth 
giving away.)  But he also saved some transcriptions, which he had 
played on the air. For example, he once told me about playing some music 
by Peg LaCentra with Artie Shaw's first orchestra, from 1937.  He said 
they were "originally Thesaurus transcriptions."  Not sure what the 
history of Thesaurus transcriptions was-- I know about some companies, 
but not that one.
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