[78-L] Come, Josephine, in My Flying Machine

Clifford Bolling 78records at cdbpdx.com.invalid
Thu Jun 11 12:26:34 PDT 2015

 Just brought home a huge collection of cylinders and found many with printed notes about
 the enclosed cylinder.  Maybe I've led a sheltered life, but these are the first I've seen.  Here
 is my favorite enclosed with BA 1949 - "Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine" by Billy
 Murray and Ada Jones:
"This song, which far surpasses in popularity any other Bryan has written, originated while he
 and Fred Fischer were witnessing the aerial flights at Belmont Park, New York.  Fischer missed
 Bryan in the crowd; he searched but could not find him, until at last he discovered him off in the
 grass scribbling on a piece of paper.  "I've got it, I've got it," exclaimed Bryan as Fischer
 approached.  "Just come with me and you shall witness the flight of the greatest song you ever
 heard."  Seeking a piano, "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine" was soon composed and in 
less than three months has swept the country as one of the biggest recent hits."
Just thought I'd share this as I think it's really cool!

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