[78-L] Making of 78 Shelving

maceo maceo at nugrape.net.invalid
Sat May 23 18:48:17 PDT 2015


Just inquiring whether other members have made their own 78 shelving, as 
currently I am using steel shelving which is functional however not the 
best solution for my needs. Reason being the spacers required when 
dealing with 78's.

Are there any particular recommendations for the gap between spacers, 
i.e. whether 6in is a good guide, and a certain kick board height, such 
as 4in for such at the bottom of the shelf - mind you with increasing 
age, the difficulty is reaching down & getting back up?

I have no experience in creating shelving, so would appreciate any help 
in selecting the wood thickness for both shelf as well as spacers?  I'm 
thinking of a height around 6ft, with gap of 10-1/2in per shelf for 
housing the 78's with a 6in spacing for Dado joints - if better sizing 
would like to know?

Thanks in advance,


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