[78-L] Binger's Laughing Record

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Fri May 15 04:44:31 PDT 2015

I guess we have a sibling her to Berliner's talking doll - in this case 
a record that could be played when the robot, displayed in a show 
window, was laughing.
Here's the 17 February 1934 issue of UK Magazine "The Chemist & 
Druggist", where there appears to be an ad from O D Binger about he 
introduction of the "Laughing Robot" series.


For use in this setting the record definitely had to be a shellac 
pressing and no lacquer. And, BTW, 1934 was the year when lacquer discs 
were introduced for radio station use and hadn't yet replaced wax as the 
instantaneous alternative in recording studios. (According to the Mike 
Biel 27 December 2002 post to this list.)

On 2015-05-15 03:19, Adam Miller wrote:
> Just obtained this interesting UK item...
> http://www.78rpm.net.nz/78s/label_art/bingers%20laughing%20record%20300dpi.jpg
> - especially in connection with their "Laughing Robot".
> O.D. Bingers in the UK were producers of Sales Aids - automatons for
> store promotions, which occasionally turn up for sale in auction rooms
> and fetch good money.  But nowhere can I find reference to them in
> connection with a soundtrack.
> The record is not the same as the Parlophone or OKEH laughing record,
> being just one man laughing for some 3 minutes, no accompaniment.
> It is not a laquer, but shellac, with the obverse being blank, but
> engine-turned.  it seems to be dated 14/2/40.
> Can anyone shed any more light on this fascinating survivor?
> Adam.
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