[78-L] Binger's Laughing Record

Adam Miller adam78 at clear.net.nz.invalid
Thu May 14 18:19:09 PDT 2015

Just obtained this interesting UK item...


- especially in connection with their "Laughing Robot".

O.D. Bingers in the UK were producers of Sales Aids - automatons for 
store promotions, which occasionally turn up for sale in auction rooms 
and fetch good money.  But nowhere can I find reference to them in 
connection with a soundtrack.

The record is not the same as the Parlophone or OKEH laughing record, 
being just one man laughing for some 3 minutes, no accompaniment.

It is not a laquer, but shellac, with the obverse being blank, but 
engine-turned.  it seems to be dated 14/2/40.

Can anyone shed any more light on this fascinating survivor?


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