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Joe Salerno jsalerno at collector.org.invalid
Tue Apr 7 14:56:06 PDT 2015

Some might limit themselves to certain keys. Abbey Simon, no 78s that I 
know of, was in a car accident and his hands were injured. He rebuilt 
his technic, but some keys are more painful than others so he doesn't 
play in those keys. Leon Fleisher lost the use of his right hand for 35 
years, played only with the left hand, until he got the use of the RH 
back thru Rolfing and other healing modalities. Paul Witgenstein, who 
made a few 78s before he lost his arm, lost his right arm in WW1, so he 
played left hand literature only, like the Ravel D Maj Concerto, 
commissioned works, and taught. These 2 are rather extreme examples. Is 
this what you meant?

Joe Salerno

On 4/3/2015 4:23 PM, Kristjan Saag wrote:
> This is halfway off-topic; still I think the 78 list is where to ask the
> question, because many of the artists we deal with have had long careers
> and many of us list members have genuine knowledge of making music, not
> only listening to it.
> So here's my question: do you know of any particular strategies for
> older musicians to compensate for playing/ singing techniques that are
> more difficult to use when getting older? I can think of singers who
> chose to omit certain high notes, others who find that their vibrato
> sounds more restrained and are more careful to use it, instrumentalists
> who choose alternative ways of holding the bow or playing a difficult
> passage on the piano etc. Any example would be appreciated.
> Kristjan
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