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On 4/4/2015 1:58 PM, Kristjan Saag wrote:
> Thanks all of you for interesting thoughts!
> What I'm after is not only the difficulties that come with age, but
> primarily: what methods musicians have used to counteract them.
> Adjusting the key downwards for singers is one example that has been
> mentioned. The Patti trick is hilarious, but probably not for everyone
> to use.
> Holding the violin against the chest is practised by old time music
> fiddle players, because it's easier. I wonder if that's used by (older)
> concert violinists.
> One interesting example is Joni Mitchell, whose voice has changed and no
> longer is able to produce the high trills that she used on long notes.
> She has replaced this modulation with increase of volume, which is very
> effective. Other singers have tried to lay more stress on articulation
> and phrasing, sometimes producing good results, sometimes unable to hide
> the fact that they can't sing any more.
> There are also singing techniques that have been used by actors without
> great voice capacities. Jimmy Durante and Walter Huston are good
> examples: using their ability to dramatize the text with odd
> accentuations. Or singers who have adjusted their performance according
> to medical inconveniences: Whispering Jack Smith.
> I'm sure there's much more to be said about these things.
> Kristjan
Jack Smith's handicap caused by Werld War One gas is akin to Link Wray's 
(Rumble) singing with only one lung. He lost it due to tuberculosis 
acquired during his time in the Korean War.

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