[78-L] What is the procedure for getting permission from Sony to play records on a German radio station?

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Mon Mar 30 03:09:46 PDT 2015

The fact that European radio stations report every song that is played 
makes it possible for GEMA and other societies for musical performing 
rights to do precisely what Benno says they don't: pay the very 
composer/ lyricist his or her fair share. It's different with music 
played in hotels, bars, spas etc, who rarely send specified music 
reports. In this case the money paid to GEMA & co ends up in what you 
call "a large pot".
I spend nearly an hour a week writing detailed music reports for my two 
hour programme in Swedish Radio. All producers of music programmes at SR 
are obliged to do the same. Boring job but I'm glad I can help minor 
artists to get what they're entitled to.

On 2015-03-30 11:40, goldenbough at arcor.de.invalid wrote:
> .
> On German public radio there is not need to get a permission.
> The person who submits the recordings to the radio station simply
> makes a list of all pertinant information for the recordings used in
> this particular radio show:
> - Title
> - Artist credit
> - Composer credit
> - Publisher (if known)
> - Record label and number
> I doubt that Sony or any publisher or composer will get royalties,
> because the licensing department of the radio station will pay
> whatever is due to GEMA ( like BMI or ASCAP), but they will not
> make any research just to get some pennies to the right person.
> This money ends up in a large pot from which the huge money-makers
> will get their share (Madonna, Michael Jackson and all others)
> So, provide the info to the radio station and let it take its automated
> way.
> Benno
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