[78-L] Les Brown CD Columbia CK 45344

Ray Kilcoyne kil at roadrunner.com.invalid
Fri Mar 27 23:18:53 PDT 2015

There is also a recording of S'WONDERFUL by Les Brown on the Internet 
Archive crediting Doris Day as the vocalist.  And it sure sounds like Doris 
to me.  Hard to tell when it was recorded as it doesn't seem to be included 
in the Bear Family CD box sets.  Besides it only runs about 1:32, which 
should help Rodger rule it out.
From: Randy Watts
The book JAZZ RECORDS, 1942-80 offers that Betty Taylor is indeed the 
vocalist on "S'Wonderful," but notes that Columbia 39176 inadvertently 
credited Lucy Ann Polk as vocalist.

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