[78-L] Les Brown CD Columbia CK 45344

Randy Watts rew1014 at yahoo.com.invalid
Fri Mar 27 19:59:08 PDT 2015

Off the top of my head, I know Brown made a recording of "All Through the Day" with Doris Day as vocalist.
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Well, Kristjan, I feel your pain.


If you're just tuning in, yesterday Kristjan asked for details on a couple
Gene Austin tracks that he found on the 'net but did not have decent
information with them.  In a moment of my own dense fog, it kinda threw me
how that was until I picked up a Les Brown CD on Columbia CK 45344 which,
despite great liner notes by Will Friedwald, the booklet gives ZERO details
about the 16 recordings.  I've tracked down most from my 78s and/or Ty's
site, but these have alluded me, and what I found on the 'net, like
Kristjian's experience yesterday, is something less than satisfying.  Dates
and issues would be nice, of course, that helps me keep this stuff in
perspective, but they could have at least identified the singers.


All Through the Day - who is the girl singer?

'Tis Autumn - who is the boy singer?

'S Wonderful - who is the girl singer?


Any help appreciated.



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