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Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl.invalid
Thu Mar 26 09:23:35 PDT 2015

At wirz.de I found the Swedish reissue label, with Magnolia MLP 501
'If Beale Street Could Talk', issued 1974, with prewar Memphis Blues.
There is even an 45-rpm Magnola label (300 Lee Bates, 1981)

I have label scans of 3 sides of the 1947 New Orleans label (not of 100-1-A).
Actually 100-2-A is present in 2 variants, differing in font. 
The item with narrow font for title/credit is on a very interesting hillbilly blog; 
the other scans of 100-2-A/B, taken in 2005 from ebay, have a "normal" font,
with the letter D of the title "Devil's Blues' positioned below the A of 100-2-A.

Heidt's Magnolia label uses an MS prefix. 
I have scans of MS-1063 (Johnny Standley + Heidt, It's In the Book, 2 parts) 
and 1066/67 (both by singers with Heidt's Musical Knights).
Possibly this is a continuation of the "Horace Heidt presents" label, which has
an (M)MS-1000 series (I have some scans in range 1001-1027) and
an MA-500 series (presumably albums; exist with blue and with red labels).
An album by Dick Contino, with blue "Horace Heidt presents" labels, 
refers to the label as "Horace Heidt Records".
All those Heidt labels mention Magnolia Records Co., Hollywood, at bottom.

Could it be that the Van Nuys, California (1949) and NY (1950) addresses 
in ARLD are for the same company, apparently named after Magnolia Blvd ?
After all, all records give Hollywood, Calif.
Magnolia 1066 lists publisher Magnolia Music Corp., BMI (the mfr is ...Company),
but the tune is "Old MacDonald Had A Farm".

This still does not explain the Magnolia 9 reissue of a 1929 New Orleans recording.
Named after Magnolia St., NO ? But I see no other reissues on it.

han enderman
"It's In the Book" was originally on Magnolia before being sold to Capitol.
Images are somewhere but not immediately at hand.
It looks as if Magnolia 9 is a pirate label.
There's a Swedish Magnolia in Lord with some 20s and 30s reissues.
I have label scans of the two New Orleans issues as well as one side of 
a Heidt issue (Magnolia MS-1063).
Galen Gart's ARLD gives addresses for three different Magnolia labels, 
but none are the new Orleans label. He shows Van Nuys, CA, New York, NY 
and Atlanta, GA as the locations of the three in his book.
Evidently the Horace Heidt issue was owned by the Horace Heidt Agency, 
Inc., at 100 Park Avenue, NYC, and dates from around March 1950. It says 
the parent label is Horace Heidt, which was pressed by (you guessed it) 
I also have label scans of Horace Heidt MS 1019 & MA 500-3.
Let me know if you want the scans.

On 3/25/2015 3:17 AM, Han Enderman wrote:

>From JR-2 (1962) on, Rust lists the following issue:
Magnolia 9
Damp Weather / Tip Easy Blues
= dub of BB B-10952 (also dubbed on Bm 1002).

I have been unable to find info on this Magnolia 78 rpm label or any other issues on it.
So the question is: does this label exist, or is some error involved?

I have seen 2 Magnolia labels:
1 - with Horace Heidt issues;
2 - a rare 1947 New Orleans label. Only known issues 100-1 by Pinky Vidacovich, and 100-2 by Jelly Elliot (country) .

han enderman

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