[78-L] ...and what about non-opera classical?

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If you like film scores for their classical bent, have you heard some of the
stuff coming out on the new generation of video games?  I'm not too old to
enjoy it - yet.  I can't be bothered with the games themselves, but when my
boys come home to visit they do as when they were children and play video
games, only by this time they are more mature and the music on some of the
games is just wonderful.  I predict you'll be hearing some of it on NPR
classical programs one of these days, if not already there.


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Actually, I regard many film scores as being as close to classical as
anything these days. Vader's theme, full orchestra, motifs....sounds like
classical to me.

I regard opera as the prior day equivalent of a motion picture. Singing,
dancing, drama, comedy, lighting, fights, loving, intrigue, good guys, bad
guys, music....only dif is that opera is live, when presented that way. A
recording brings it even closer to a film.

Who is Taylor Swift? (wink)

Joe Salerno

On 3/20/2015 3:27 AM, Kristjan Saag wrote:
> Joe Salerno wrote about today's kids:
> "I'd say you are privileged, but no one is withholding it from them 
> either. No one is keeping them out of classical concerts and recitals.
> Darth Vader is. And Taylor Swift. These are mighty powers.
> Kristjan
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