[78-L] Rare Naucktion items

Iñigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Wed Mar 18 09:26:48 PDT 2015

I usually read start to end the Naucktion catalogs. I am always surprised
by those ole american records, so marvelous, but I am always surprised by
the rarity of certain song titles... They look as if they were second
versions off-the-stream or humorous hits...? Still MBs are $3 only.
I am referring to standard pressings like ViC 26000s, CoM 36000s, maybe
others still scarcer as BSs or Paramounts, or not so rare but old as CoVT
in the D series...
Artist names are well-known but song titles go like this. Maybe you can
help me to translate titles...

I love rim chips.
My original sleeve man.
That certain feeling of needle digs.
She's funny that way not affecting playing.
Ten little fingers and ten little scratches.
My man is on the hairline crack.
T'aint stressed grooves.



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