[78-L] uploading 78s to youtube: about 600 so far

luis contijoch1 at gmx.net.invalid
Wed Mar 4 14:18:38 PST 2015

Thanks Rob, checked your site in YouTube, but I see that you don't gives us
the minimal info about each record: Label, catalog number, date of recording
or a scan of the label as is usual in other uploaders.


I love the british dance bands and if they are from the acoustical era, much




<I've started, a month or more ago uploading my 78s to youtube. you can find
them at  <http://www.youtube.com/user/djoutrage18/videos>

<I'm doing it pretty randomly, to be honest, but my main interest and what
I'd say is my main collection is acoustical british records.

I< hope this isn't too far off topic and that you find something you like.
also any advice would be appreciated. The picture's rubbish, I know.





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