[78-L] uploading 78s to youtube: about 600 so far

Clifford Bolling 78records at cdbpdx.com.invalid
Wed Mar 4 13:01:50 PST 2015

I have 14 YouTube channels devoted to audio recorded from 78 rpm records and radio transcriptions, each channelspecializing in a different music form.  So far, I've posted over 6000 videos with 12,000+ subscribers from all over the worldand about 16.5 million hits.  Started in 2008 and I'm still uploading (CDBPDX).  For me, it's a lot of fun.  There are alot of folks who would never have the chance to hear this old music if it were not on YouTube, young people, especially.  Also, older folks like to be reminded of things from their past, though as the years go by, these memories have becomememories of time spent with the previous generation who had these records.
Also, it gives me a good reason to spend a lot of time listening to these old records, which I find to be very entertaining.
Can't speak for anyone else, but that's why I do it. 
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> I've started, a month or more ago uploading my 78s to youtube. you can
> find them at http://www.youtube.com/user/djoutrage18/videos

I've never understood what the attraction is of putting audio
files on YouTube.  It seems like an incredibly extravagant use
of a *video* streaming service.  I assume that yours, with a
still picture, don't use as much bandwidth as the guys who 
show a video of the record playing on a turntable, but it still
seems like overkill, especially when YouTube audio is typically
so crummy.  Do people really go to YouTube looking for audio?

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