[78-L] The list is back online after a major screw-up at my end

David Sanderson dwsanderson685 at roadrunner.com.invalid
Wed Mar 4 07:11:10 PST 2015

On 3/4/2015 9:33 AM, Ron L'Herault wrote:
> Yipes!  That could have been a disaster.  Glad all is well now.
> Ron L
> On Feb. 26th the list went down due to the domain registration expiring.  I
> never received any expiration notice from the registrar, and wasn't paying
> attention. Its all fixed now, and I apologize for the interruption.
> Regards,
>      Ron Fial.  78-L List Manager

Don't ever let that happen.

My provider let my registration expire without noticing it, at which 
point some anonymous Chinese hijacker grabbed the registration and held 
it for ransom. Rather than try to deal with him, they registered a new 
domain with the ".me" extension, same name. OK, but a nuisance.

We need to assume that everything we do is subject to scrutiny, and that 
if we make mistakes like missing domain registration, someone is waiting 
to jump. I don't use a cell phone and don't mess with social networks 
because of vulnerability. I forgot myself sufficiently to join Facebook 
  while back, and it took me two weeks to get rid of the spammers. 
Caveat emptor; caveat omnes, though the Romans had no semicolons.

David Sanderson
East Waterford Maine
dwsanderson685 at roadrunner.com

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