[78-L] Early Victor electric: 19621 - and 35770

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Thanks for sending this!  Great show, and I was Well Rewarded by the Trinity
Choir record!!

The Thanksgiving tune is a long time favorite.  And there's another record
of it, much like it, same arrangement, piano acc almost note-for-note, by
The Associated Glee Clubs of America on 12" Victor 35770.  I've wanted to
post something about this one for years, so here we go.  

There's a lot here that ain't adding up.  DAHR shows two masters one session
Feb 1926, the other November 1926.  The Victor Master Book shows both
masters unissued, the DAHR shows both masters issued.  The label of my copy
is a pre-War circle label and says "2500 Male Voices with piano, recorded at
their performance, Sesqui-Centennial Auditorium, Philadelphia."   With that
as venue, the VMB says it was the November date.  VMB says the Feb date was
recorded in an armory, one master at the armory, a second "presumably over a
land line" back at Bell labs.  Seems also strange that the Associated Glee
Clubs would meet twice in the same year.  The internet tells me nothing
about them that I can't learn from the DAHR entries or the VMB.

Also finally looked, and the Trinity Choir record is not listed in VMB, just
skips the master numbers, an oversight by J Robert Mantler or Brian Rust,
methinks, but disappointing anyway.  I find it unfortunate that there is
often more info in the VMB than in the DAHR for some of these records, the
Associated Glee Club records a case in point.  It also gives personnel for
the Trinity Choir records that it does list, DAHR does not.  

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As a follow-up to the recent discussion of Victor 19621 (an early electric
by the Trinity Choir recorded March 4, 1925 in Camden, NJ), I just wanted to
mention that I played both sides of the record on my latest "Shellac Stack"
podcast, which you can hear here (if so inclined):


Bryan W.
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