[78-L] Biograph records - where are they now...

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Thanks for the responses.
IIRC, Collectables has been re-releasing old albums 
under license from their beginnings - the first material
I noticed on Collectables were a series of albums from
FLYRIGHT.  Then a bunch of material from Stinson.  More
recently, lots of Columbia and some small label jazz, jazz/pop.  In the early days there was some issue - I think
sound quality, so guess they dubbed from pressings.  Don't know if they also appropriated some of the albums without
license - anyone know for sure ??
LUIS - are your CDs bought from US or UK/Euro sources ??
Do they indicate anything about the ownership (published by)
or distribution in the album credits ???
  I'm now wondering if Caplan did any of the transfers to CD
before his death and before the label changed hands ???
  Another wrinkle - noticed an Italian release of PIG N WHISTLE RED recordings attributed to Universal or Universe, both as a CD and modern LP pressing.
  From the WIKI article, seems that SHOUT FACTORY "owns" the label - it did not indicate any Sony connection.
  Again, Thanks.
  Cheers, Thomas.

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I have four Biograph CDs. Three of them are by the California Ramblers, "New York Jazz In The Roaring Twenties", Vol.1 BCD 129,Vol.2  BCD 153, Vol.3  BCD 154, and the fourth is "The Rare Dawn Sessions" BCD 132.


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