[78-L] Heartaches and Decca 25000s

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Mon Jan 12 06:34:41 PST 2015

The Decca version was recorded in 1938 (as mentioned elsewhere). It's also at a 
different tempo from the Bluebird, which was recorded when rumbas were the 
thing. Both 40s pressings were reissues. Every account I've read refers to 
Charlotte, NC disc jockey Kurt Webster playing the old Bluebird 78 on his 
popular radio show (dance party). The Decca was likely still in print and had 
probably been reissued as 25017 by this time, so Decca distributors might have 
started pushing it while Victor went "Duh, we got dat one too". In fact I think 
Decca in Canada still kept it with its original catalog number, since post-1946 
copies are easy to find. I've never seen a Canadian pressing of 25017.


On 1/12/2015 9:16 AM, Michael Shoshani wrote:
> My first exposure to "Heartaches" was on a 10" RCA LP issued in 1951 on
> the silver label Collectors Series. By odd coincidence, there's one up
> on eBog, with pictures that can be enlarged to read Leonard Feather's
> notes:
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dance-Band-Hits-A-Treasury-Of-Immortal-Performances-RCA-Victor-LPT-2-10-LP-/131158222792
> Feather writes that this Heartaches was recorded in August, 1933, and
> that it was catapulted to prominence "two years ago" (which would have
> been 1949) after a few plugs from a disc jockey. The Decca version is, I
> believe, from 1947; it would seem more logical that *that* version would
> be the one that got the major airplay. Elmo Tanner whistles on them all,
> and I suppose his whistling is the major selling point for the record in
> the first place.
> MS
> On 1/11/2015 21:42, David Lennick wrote:
>> My understanding is that the deejay who popularized it (Kurt somebody) was
>> playing the Bluebird, which Victor then "reissued by request". The 25000s were
>> a reissue series, mostly album sets, and I've never found when they
>> started..anyone know? Personality Deccas skip from 24999 to 27000, I seem to
>> remember.
>> dl
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