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Swiss actor Lukas Amman may be the oldest actor still active. At least 
he was, last year, having had a part in a low budget experimental film, 
produced by a young man from Liechtenstein.
Amman turned 102 two months ago.
Having had a ten year break in his acting career he says he's keen to 
film again. Yet, he has to work another seven years to break Dutch/ 
German Johannes Heesters record, who had a part in a short film in 2011, 
at 107. Heesters died later that year.

On 2014-11-27 22:02, Steve Williams wrote:
> Let us not forget that Rose Marie recorded a Vitaphone in June 1929, so she
> is probably not only the earliest recording artist still alive, but the
> earliest living artist recorded on talking film.  Mickey Rooney and maybe
> others might have made claims to earlier films as an actor, but Mickey's no
> longer with us, and I know of no other living actor who started in 1926.
> Steve Williams
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> I guess there are no more artists major or minor, (second violin in an
> orchestra or chorister in a choir), from the acoustic era. ?Every time this
> has come up there has always been some senior mentioned who made acoustic
> recordings but even the aforementioned L?o Marjane was only 13 years old at
> the end of the acoustic era.
> db
>       On Tuesday, November 25, 2014 6:55 PM, Russell Miller
> <saintrussell at gmail.com.invalid> wrote:
> Rose Marie made a Victor test record on January 29, 1930 per DAHR. Her
> first issued record was from March 10, 1932 per Wikipedia. So she might be
> the living person who has recorded earliest, but at age 91, not nearly the
> oldest.
> Russell
> On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 6:38 AM, Kristjan Saag <saag at telia.com.invalid>
> wrote:
>> Old topic but worth reviving every now and then.
>> Does anyone know of a living recording artist who recorded before French
>> vocalist L?o Marjane? Marjane made test recordings for French Gramophone
>> in 1931 (which were never issued), and recorded for French Columbia in
>> 1932 (issued).
>> She may also be the oldest now living person who has recorded
>> commercially. L?o Marjane was born on August 27 1912 - 102 years old.
>> Danish jazz violinist Svend Asmussen may be the oldest now living jazz
>> musician who recorded. He made his first recording as leader of a
>> backing group for vocalist Lulu Ziegler in 1934 and recorded as main
>> artist in 1935.
>> Svend Asmussen was born on February 28 1916 - he's 98 years old.
>> Also: does anyone know of any living band vocalist who is older than
>> Vera Lynn? Lynn was born on March 20 1917, and started her career as
>> band vocalist (Ambrose, Charlie Kunz, Jay Wilbur, Orlando - first
>> recording with Joe Loss in August 1935). She beats Bea Wain with about a
>> month - Bea was born on April 30 1917.
>> Kristjan
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