[78-L] Oldest recording artist

Kristjan Saag saag at telia.com.invalid
Tue Nov 25 03:38:30 PST 2014

Old topic but worth reviving every now and then.
Does anyone know of a living recording artist who recorded before French 
vocalist Léo Marjane? Marjane made test recordings for French Gramophone 
in 1931 (which were never issued), and recorded for French Columbia in 
1932 (issued).
She may also be the oldest now living person who has recorded 
commercially. Léo Marjane was born on August 27 1912 - 102 years old.
Danish jazz violinist Svend Asmussen may be the oldest now living jazz 
musician who recorded. He made his first recording as leader of a 
backing group for vocalist Lulu Ziegler in 1934 and recorded as main 
artist in 1935.
Svend Asmussen was born on February 28 1916 - he's 98 years old.
Also: does anyone know of any living band vocalist who is older than 
Vera Lynn? Lynn was born on March 20 1917, and started her career as 
band vocalist (Ambrose, Charlie Kunz, Jay Wilbur, Orlando - first 
recording with Joe Loss in August 1935). She beats Bea Wain with about a 
month - Bea was born on April 30 1917.

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