[78-L] Victor storage albums?

Erwin Kluwer ekluwer at gmail.com.invalid
Wed Nov 12 01:57:38 PST 2014

 I got a bunch of albums from the Gramophone Company 1902  to 1907 period
all for single sided discs... I have the from the Italian, English and
Spanish subdivisions..

I don't know if Victor had albums out at that time .. But they might have
been similar.. I interested in design...I can send you some pics if you are


On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 3:40 AM, Rodger J. Holtin <
rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid> wrote:

> Dunno if this ever made it to the forum, never showed in my inbox, no
> responses at all, which even in the post-Facebook era for 78-L seems kinda
> strange, so I send again, just in case….
> Has anybody made any kind of study of the various
> styles/designs/constructions and history of Victor’s empty storage albums?
> I have specimens of at least four different styles of them, and had no idea
> where they fell chronologically amongst each other until yesterday when I
> was given a batch of Victors & Bluebirds that all seem to be 1932-33
> vintage and all in the same style of Victor-made album.  They have been in
> the same family since they were new, so there's been no flea market
> shuffling, hence the assumption of the right age.  I was given a batch of
> these same albums years ago and they had everything from batwings to 10"
> LPs in them.  This most recent acquisition gives me some idea about this
> design.  I'm not the most talented Google searcher, so all I've found is
> e-bay stuff.  Any websites that help decipher the field?
> Rodger
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