[78-L] Victrola albums?

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net.invalid
Tue Nov 11 20:44:32 PST 2014

On 11/8/2014 8:59 PM, Rodger J. Holtin wrote:
> I use the term Victrola over Victor to try to distinguish between the
> albums with Victor records and those empty albums which appear to have been
> designed to store records in the Victrola cabinet; although I know they are
> all Victor albums.
> Now that I've confused the discussion from the outset, here's the real
> question.
> Has anybody made any kind of study of the various
> styles/designs/constructions and history of those empty storage albums?  I
> have specimens of at least four different styles of them, and had no idea
> where they fell chronologically amongst each other until yesterday when I
> was given a batch of Victors & Bluebirds that all seem to be 1932-33
> vintage and all in the same style of Victor-made album.  They have been in
> the same family since they were new, so there's been no flea market
> shuffling, hence the assumption of the right age.  I was given a batch of
> these same albums years ago and they had everything from batwings to 10"
> LPs in them.  This most recent acquisition gives me some idea about this
> design.  I'm not the most talented Google searcher, so all I've found is
> e-bay stuff.  Any websites that help decipher the field?
When I first read this, I wasn't certain if you were only talking about 
branded or unbranded albums. As far as the unbranded ones, It appears as 
if they were made by innumerable companies, but they all had the same 
bad habit of taking bites out of records if handled thoughtlessly.  But 
they hold up really well if not abused. Curiously, the two I just pulled 
from my shelf only have "Made in U.S.A." and a cryptic number inside the 
front cover, with no manufacturer name. I have in another location some 
really well made ones with pull rings on the spine.

How many different companies can we come up with out there?

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