[78-L] 'Rip Chord' on an Audition LP (OT?)

Don Chichester dnjchi78 at live.com.invalid
Mon Oct 13 06:11:36 PDT 2014

Four years ago I asked this, and recently found another of the LP, so I ask again:  Does anyone know the real name of the pianist?
Don Chichester
From: dnjchi78 at live.com
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Subject: RE: [78-L] 'Rip Chord' on an Audition LP (OT?)
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 21:47:52 -0500

Just found a "Ragtime Piano" LP played by 'Rip' Chord (yeah!).  Anyone have the foggiest who this might be?

Don Chichester
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