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Thu Oct 9 20:24:13 PDT 2014

Hi Dennis,

In my experience shipping 78s overseas, I pretty much maxed out at 30 10-inch 78s in a 12x12x12 box from ULine.com with at least 6 corrugated 10-inch mailer pads from BagsUnlimited.com and lots of bubble wrap, packing peanuts and other padding per shipment.  I have not shipped that many 78s overseas in one shipment since surface mail was eliminated several years ago.  Now anything over 4 pounds has to ship via Priority Mail International which is very expensive.  

In a nutshell I would not take on a project like the one you described and I doubt that any buyer would find it reasonable to pay for shipping that many 78s at Priority International rates.

Last year I shipped over 800 packages of records to 38 different countries plus the USA so I have plenty of experience to base my opinion on.

Best of luck to you my friend.

Roger Wade
Really Old Records

On Oct 9, 2014, at 3:38 PM, Dennis Flannigan wrote:

> I have a few thousand (actually, more) 78s, primarily county music genres,
> and
> way too many other kinds that interest others, but not always Americans. Has
> anyone shipped a thousand 78s, or a similarly large number overseas? What
> has been the result, cost? Can they be safely shipped without wrapping them
> in smaller bundles with cardboard between, or if not, how?
> Finally, was the work of doing it worth the time it took? Not financially,
> but in terms
> of packaging, insurance, and messing with it all? And is it simply, too
> damn expensive?
> Thank you,
> Dennis
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