[78-L] Scheherazade

Joe Salerno jsalerno at collector.org.invalid
Thu Oct 9 15:47:52 PDT 2014

Is he selling it or just listing it? There is a difference. I see 
fantastic listing prices on ebay all the time and wonder why these folks 
don't get a clue. Records that are still in print are not "mega-rare" or 
some such equally silly term.

And when I bother to watch, as I did with some at one time, they got no 

Joe Salerno

On 10/9/2014 10:23 AM, DAVID BURNHAM wrote:
> Sometimes, just for curiosity, I go to e-bay to find out what 78s they're selling and for how much.  I just went and discovered that someone is selling, amongst other things, Stokoski's "Scheherazade" and Koussevitzky's "Tchakovsky Symphony 4", two very common sets.  But he, (I assume it's a guy), is selling each individual disc in the sets as a separate item with a starting bid of $7.98 or buy now for $14.98!  The seller has an approval rating of 99.7%!
> db
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