[78-L] not receiving 78-L mail

L78rpm at aol.com.invalid L78rpm at aol.com.invalid
Mon Oct 6 14:39:58 PDT 2014

I haven't received list mail in many days.  Did you receive  this?  Please 
let me know if it reached the list, but send your reply to me  privately, 
not via the list.  I am
Paul Charosh
_l78rpm at aol.com_ (mailto:l78rpm at aol.com) 
I've written to the listowner's address and to Ron Fial specifically.   I 
have received no response.
I unsubscribed successfully, waited a day, and then resubscribed  
successfully.  Still,  I receive no mail.  I have also checked my  spam box and 
nothing from the list is sent there.
I have not blocked the list.

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