[78-L] OFF TOPIC: Buster's Comments

Malcolm Rockwell malcolm at 78data.com.invalid
Thu Sep 18 09:21:33 PDT 2014

Oh darn. My reply was supposed to go to Graham personally.
Please ignore. Or not.


On 9/18/2014 5:31 AM, Graham Newton wrote:
> This is directed to Paul Christenzen and anyone else who has a problem, real or
> perceived, with 78-C
> Paul... back a while you made a sly comment about 78-C as noted below.
> Being the moderator for 78-C I would be interested to hear just what you are
> referring to as "a slippery slope".
> If you have a problem with 78-C perhaps I can look at it and see if it is
> correctable within the parameters of the group.
> ... Graham Newton, 78-C moderator
> ============================================================================
> On 8/14/2014 5:52 PM, Paul Christenzen wrote:
>> That's a slippery slope - we could end up like 78-c!  Better to just
>> delete as soon as you see the sender - no attention and he'll crawl away.
>> ********
>> Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
>>> I think we are still moderated to a point. The list owner can remove
>>> someone if requested, or used to be able to do so. We have had others of
>>> Busted's ilk removed over the years.
>>> Malcolm
>>> *******
>>> On 8/14/2014 11:02 AM, David Breneman wrote:
>>>> Von: Malcolm Rockwell <malcolm at 78data.com.invalid>
>>>>> What in the name of the Great Guacamole is this Busted guy still doing
>>>>> on this list?
>>>>> Amusement value?
>>>> This list isn't actively moderated, is it?  On another mailing list I subscribe
>>>> to, we were treated to a lecture by a member on the evils miscegenation,
>>>> prompted by his discovery that I was white and my wife was black.  He
>>>> was 86'ed before I even saw his post.  That's why I find The-Entity-Self-
>>>> Styled-as-Buster's accusations of racism and fears of cross-burning so,
>>>> uh... amusing.  If he wants to see racism, he should try vacationing in
>>>> the South as part of a mixed race couple.  Most folks are friendly.  Some
>>>> definitely are not.
>>>> --
>>>> David Breneman
>>>> dbreneman at t-online.de
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