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David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
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I know that the W. C. Fields 78s appeared on both Variety and United Artist. As 
for Allied, what I've seen looks to have been pressed by them.


On 9/10/2014 1:04 PM, Malcolm Rockwell wrote:
> Hmmm... United Artist... now there's a label that not a lot of research
> has been done on. I believe it was basically an indy label full of indy
> musicians and producers wanting to get their sometimes limited) material
> on a known label, and that they'd pay for the privilege.
> ARLD gives some basic info saying UA (not United Artists which was a
> different, considerably larger, outfit) was located in Hollywood c.
> 1946/47 and a slim dating guide. No owner name or other affiliations.
> They released a wide variety of material: C&W, ethnic, Hawaiian, comedy,
> jazz and pop and a whole mess of vanity pressings, some produced
> internally (I think) but most from outside masters. I have a penciled
> note saying I thought UA to be affiliated with Allied (the large LA
> pressing plant), but little past that.
> I do know that a consortium (or hui, as it's called in Hawaii) of
> Hawaiian artists, dissatisfied with their relationships with the
> (Hawaiian) Bell label, owned by Bill Fredlund, united and pulled up
> stakes, along with their masters, and moved over to UA. I have heard
> numerous rumors about why, but it may be just due to the fact that when
> Bell went belly-up in 1950 they bought their masters from Fredlund. By
> the time Fredlund got out of the record business he only owned some 12%
> of his own company - the artists owned the rest.
> George Kainapau, Bill Lincoln, Pua Almeida, Andy Cummings, Randy Oness,
> The Royal Hawaiian Serenaders and The Kalima Hawaiians were all well
> known Hawaiian acts represented first on Bell, and later on UA.
> I have yet to troll Billboard. Hopefully they will have a plethora of
> info there.
> All comments and corrections accepted!
> Malcolm
> *******
> On 9/10/2014 4:57 AM, Royal Pemberton wrote:
>> He also did arranging and conducting for others....I have one of them, a
>> 2012).  Brilliant stuff!
>> On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 3:18 PM, David Lennick<
>> dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid>  wrote:
>>> I'll have to look for the one United Artist disc I have of him.
>>> dl
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