[78-L] Reused numbers?

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca.invalid
Sun Aug 31 09:11:35 PDT 2014

Just found the info on your list...thanks! Do you know if US Columbia issued it 
before the flag label issue?


On 8/31/2014 12:07 PM, Damian's 78s wrote:
> It's also the earliest recording of Till Eulenspiegel. Wood conducted it
> often, yet this heavily trimmed version is his only recording of anything by
> Richard Strauss. Despite the truncation, it's still great fun!
> I posted a transfer of it on my website back in June, along with Strauss's
> 1922 recording of Don Juan (which has just one minor cut of 24 bars)
> Damian R
> http://music.damians78s.co.uk/
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> By the way, it really is "complete" on two sides. Okay, I lied about the
> "complete".
> On 8/31/2014 11:36 AM, David Lennick wrote:
>> Okay, gang..I have here Columbia Flag Label 68008-D, Henry J. Wood
>> conducting
>> parts 1 and 2 of "Tills Merry Pranks: or a Rogue's Rondo" (sic!) and on
>> googling this number to find out if it takes a second disc or is edited, I
>> find
>> several references to Hamilton Harty conducting Mendelssohn's Italian
>> Symphony
>> on Columbia 68007/9-D, a 1931 recording. What the heckity heck is going on
>> here?
>> dl

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