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Ray Kilcoyne kil at roadrunner.com.invalid
Tue Aug 26 22:32:31 PDT 2014

Interesting article, but it shouldn't surprise.
I remember a story about the song MY MELANCHOLY BABY from about a century 
ago that relates to this subject.
This quote is from Wikipedia....

"My Melancholy Baby" is a popular song published in 1912 and first sung 
publicly by William Frawley. The music was written by Ernie Burnett, the 
lyrics by George A. Norton.
In 1912, William Frawley—who later played Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy—was the 
first person to perform the song publicly, in the Mozart Cafe, 1647 Curtis 
Street in Denver, Colorado. Frawley told this story during a May 3, 1965, 
appearance on the TV game show I've Got a Secret.
"Ernie Burnett, who composed the music, was wounded fighting in the First 
World War, and he lost his memory together with his identity dog-tags. While 
recuperating in hospital, a pianist entertained the patients with popular 
tunes including "Melancholy Baby". Burnett rose from his sickbed and 
exclaimed: "That's my song!" He had regained his memory."

You can believe it or not.  It is Wikipedia.  If true, I wish we had more 
details.  Who was the pianist?  Where was the hospital?  What happened for 
the rest of Burnett's life?  He did live until 1959.
From: rjh
This story deals with pop tunes oa the past, a subject of some mild
interet to this group.
Perhaps some here can relate.

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