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On 04/08/14 14:47, Randy Watts wrote:
> In the early '80s, a TV station I was working for while in college had a few hundred 16mm reels of cartoons (Popeye and Warner Bros.) for which the station's contract had expired and that were supposed to be returned to the distributor (United Artists, at the time). Rather than ship all those reels back, UA had us remove the first few feet of each cartoon, including all the main title sequences. That footage was returned to them as proof that the prints had been "destroyed." The reels and what footage remained on them went into the dumpster. UA knew that even if those prints fell into private hands, they'd be worthless to collectors with their main titles and first minute or so of the cartoon itself missing.
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It's a bit like a rare, but sleeveless, LP. I imagine it must have been 
(still is?) frustrating for record reviewers from the late 40s onwards 
who were presented with such for review, and had a vast collection of 
them. No problem, of course, with 78s.

      Julian Vein

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