[78-L] Pathé Phonograph Enquiry.

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I can't be 100%  sure but I believe it will do the Salons, of course as well as the "normal size Edison and Columbia of the day.  Sounds like it will be a 2 min player rather than a 2/4 type machine.

Ron L

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Hi Experts!

This is a PRE-78 enquiry.
I own an Amerola for Blue Amberols.

I recently bid for two more phonographs in an auction.
I didn't get the Edison Fireside, but I did get the...

Phonograph: a Pathé New Perfecta No. 18843, with slip-on Salon mandrel, floating reproducer, aluminium horn and integral Orpheus attachment.

Now this will obviously play Pathé cylinders.

Will it also play any other cylinders?
If so, which ones?


Earl Okin
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