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Iñigo Cubillo ice261263 at gmail.com.invalid
Thu Jul 31 14:05:44 PDT 2014

Due to my half-intensive workload from June to September, I am able to
spend some time writing. Lately I have gone to an used reccord store in
Madrid, one that usually deals with vinyl. But it’s one of those places 
where you always MUST ask for 78s, because they usually have. I acquired 
several nice things:

co bf 299 (m) : COMPAGNONS DE LA CHANSON, LES : ce sacre vieux soleil 
(that lucky old sun) / chant du galerien, le
od 188014 fr : CARLOS GARDEL v + gs : carretero, el / ramona
rg rs 5052 np : HIPOLITO LAZARO ten v + O : trust de los tenorios, el: 
te quiero --- jota / princesita (la de ojos azules)
hmv ae 2493 gvdsa : SPAVENTA O TIPICA + SCALON v : ultima copa, la --- 
tango / + C SPAVENTA v : abuelita que hora son --- cancion
rg dk 8165 vt : LOS VILLASIUL spk : chula y el futbolista, la --- dialogo 
comico / juegos florales en villacandonga --- escena comica
hmv ae 2108 gvdsa : IRUSTA FUGAZOT DEMARE tr : IRUSTA y FUGAZOT ? v + 
DEMARE p : doña rosario --- chacarera / IRUSTA v + DEMARE p : no te engañes 
corazon --- tango
co r 14186 sp : JUANITO VALDERRAMA v + RAMON MONTOYA g : sevilla tu eres 
para mi // no es toda de la mujer --- fandangos / + ROMAN EL GRANAINO g : 
mi maria jesu --- bulerias en menor

The RAMONA by Carlos Gardel (Paris, fall 1928 recording) is simply delicious. 
And El Carretero (The cart driver) is a typical style song of Argentina, sung 
by a cart driver, whistling to the oxen to push them ahead, and all that... 

Also the flamenco singing by young Juanito Valderrama (a 1943 recording). Mi 
María Jesú, a song by a heartached gypsy whose maid has left him for another 
man... He goes and kill her, as the song says. The man sings alone in the jail... 

As always, the IRUSTA FUGAZOT DEMARE trio argentinian songs are very good; 
I also acquired a new copy of Por el camino (El Boyero) a long desire, 
because my former copy was badly stressed by the use of worn needles, 
a common fault in spanish used 78s. Similar to El Carretero abovementioned; 
this time two cart drivers go together. 

HIPOLITO LAZARO is a delicious late acoustic recording by the spanish Columbia 
branch (subsidiary), probably dated 1925-1926. This branch started electricals 
in Spain in 1927. Nice spanish operetta (zarzuela) songs. 

And... what to say about Compagnons de la Chanson... This french vocal group 
recorded lots of songs from 1945 onwards. The famous The Three Bells (Les 
trois cloches) is their greatest hit, but any other song by them is delicatessen. 
When I was living in Aix-en-Provence for six months in 2010 (an again in 2012)
I found that the small chorus at l’Eglise de St. Jean de Malte sung the same 
way as Les Compagnons, to my delight. What voices.... what singing... 

I will post some of that in my blog (Gramusica).

Iñigo, from Madrid

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