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Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Tue Jul 15 08:02:19 PDT 2014

It seems that take -1 of "Blues for Jimmie" from this session has never 
been reissued . Any reason? If Crescent 1 is rare, then so must its 
reverse with CPM1035-2.

Mutt Carey (tp) Kid Ory (tb,vcl) Omer Simeon (cl) Buster Wilson (p) Bud 
Scott (bj) Ed Garland (b) Alton Redd (d)
Los Angeles, August 3, 1944

CPM1034-1    Blues for Jimmie (*)    Crescent 1
CPM1034-2    Blues for Jimmie    Crescent 2, Jazz Man 22, Good Time Jazz 
77, Vogue
         (E)LAG12104, Blue Star (F)BM8006, Avenue
         AVINT1015, Franklin Mint GJR067, Best of Jazz
         (F)4023 [CD], GHB BCD10 [CD], Rhino R2-75872 [CD]
CPM1035-2    Creole song (ko vcl)    Crescent 1, Gazell (Swd)1009, 
Avenue AVINT1015,
         Jazz Man 21, GHB BCD10 [CD], Rhino R2-75872 [CD]
Note: Best of Jazz (F)4023 [CD] titled "Kid Ory - The Swing Era"; rest 
of CD by others.
GHB BCD10 [CD] titled "The legendary Crescent recording sessions; see 
August-November 1945 for rest of CD.
All above titles from GHB BCD10 [CD] also on Good Time Jazz 12022, 
GTCD12022-2 [CD], both titled "Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band"; see 
August-November, 1945 for rest of LP & CD.
All titles, except (*), also on Classics (F)1069 [CD].

       Julian Vein

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