[78-L] Recording Quality - a relative term

Michael Shoshani michael.shoshani at gmail.com.invalid
Sun Jul 6 11:15:51 PDT 2014

On 7/6/2014 08:08, Ray Kilcoyne wrote:
> For those of you who were watching the soccer shootout, last night NBC
> Nightly News did a short report inside the Sun Studios in Memphis.  It was
> the 60th anniversary of Elvis' recording THAT'S ALL RIGHT MAMA.  (It was
> released on 78 and 45.)

Wonder how much of the general public knows that the Sun Studios is a 
recreation/restoration? That building went through several iterations 
after Sam Phillips sold it, including an auto repair shop. I have no 
idea how much of the gear inside is authentic, but I'd imagine it's all 
at least period-accurate.

Michael Shoshani

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