[78-L] Recording Quality - a relative term

Mike Harkin xxm.harkin at yahoo.com.invalid
Thu Jul 3 12:07:54 PDT 2014

I always go for flac downloads if there's a choice, but I'm

not sure I can tell any difference between flac and mp3.
Probably comes from years of listening to 78s:  unless
it's REALLY obtrusive, after a bit I don't notice the sur-
face noise.  The ear is the best filter there is.

Mike in Plovdiv

 From: Randy Watts <rew1014 at yahoo.com.invalid>
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Subject: Re: [78-L] Recording Quality - a relative term

My nephew was complaining the other night that even compromised sound delivery systems are being further compromised in that, he said, the trend is away from high bit-rate (320 kbps) mp3s in favor of lower bit-rate (128 kbps) mp3s. Why? He said one reason given is that encoding songs at a lower bit-rate enables people to pack even more songs onto their storage devices. The other reason given is that most people either can't hear the difference or don't care about it.

I haven't heard enough mp3s to know if there's really a significant difference between 320 kbps and 128 kbps.


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