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Fri May 23 11:22:10 PDT 2014

That's one of my favorite songs of all time, but I think I like the Crosby 
version better.
Sinatra also recorded....
WHAT NOW MY LOVE by Gilbert Becaud
LET ME TRY AGAIN - Michel Jourdon (This is the one I mistakenly thought was 
by Aznavour)
SAND AND SEA - by Gilbert Becaud
SOMEWHERE MY LOVE by Maurice Jarre
IF YOU GO AWAY by Jacques Brel (Belgian)
I'M NOT AFRAID - Jacques Brel
plus quite a few by Michel Legrand
and of course
Paul Anka's MY WAY from Claude François-Jacques Revaux-Gilles Thibault
From: Bertrand CHAUMELLE
Sinatra recorded "When The World Was Young" which is nice French song 
composed by Philippe-Gérard, who died last Sunday at 89.
> De : "Ray Kilcoyne"
> I can't find any indication Sinatra recorded YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS YOUNG.
> I'm beginning to think the Wiki reference to Aznavour and Sinatra must 
> have
> meant their duet. It is ambiguously written.
> I'll keep looking at some of those late Reprise LPs for an Aznavour song,
> but I'm losing hope.
> >
> From: David Lennick
> He wrote "Yesterday When I Was Young", which EVERYBODY recorded.
> >
> > >>> De : "Ray Kilcoyne"
> > >>> Charles Aznavour turns 90 today.

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