[78-L] Actually this should be Success

Ron Fial ron at fial.com.invalid
Thu May 22 19:16:53 PDT 2014

At 06:44 PM 5/22/2014, Thomas wrote:

>Does NOT seem to let you modify the address once it has been pasted into the
>TO field.
   I am not sure what you mean here.  If you are replying to an email, your
   mail reader program should pre-load the To: with the address of the 78-L list.
   If you want to reply only to the original sender, you should be able to 
   copy the name at domain.com.invalid and paste it into your mailer program, 
   then erase the .invalid.  My email program allows that.  Otherwise just highlight
   the (first) correct part of the address and copy that, leaving the .invalid behind.

>The first success message you sent does NOT have the .invalid, would be much
>more useful....

  Thomas, the .invalid is necessary to prevent rejection
  of email relayed out by the list.  It is added by the 
  78-L mail-list server.  

   Ron Fial 

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