[78-L] Actually this should be Success

Ron Fial ron at fial.com.invalid
Thu May 22 18:32:51 PDT 2014

FORGOT  something, now it should show .invalid

You will note that this message has a 
From:  header that says:     ron at fial.com.invalid.

For example, stephen at yahoo.com sends the list
an email, it is changes to From: stephen at yahoo.com.invalid
That mail looks like its from the 'invalid' domain,
  which is a domain name that is not allowed on the Internet.

Hopefully this fixes the problem that started on April 15
  with  Yahoo then spread to msn, hotmail, live.com  etc.
  in early May.

Everybody receiving emails and reading the web archive can still
see who originated each mail.  Remove the .invalid to reply
directly to the sender.

I am crossing my fingers that this is a 'good' fix.

    Ron Fial   78-L list manager 

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