[78-L] Warning..offensive article leads to offensive postings

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Cap on the "l" when not called for...":", when period correctly should be 
placed, also one who in the past has allowed his child or children to post 
under his name to this list, should not be one to find fault with others, 
and to brazenly brag about his own abilities and talents. Agree you say? You 
move off I say.

Howard H.

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On 5/21/2014 5:57 PM, Dennis Flannigan wrote:
> Strange, an article sparks a pissing contest posing as discussion and
> dialogue. New readers must be rushing to join various FB groups. Anonymous
> postings substitute rant for courage, and cant for reasoning. Kind of a
> cover your face and throw a brick through the window and then run 
> approach.
> Beats standing behind your remarks, and taking the criticism and/or
> applause.
> Hacks are hacks. Looks like we've spawned a few.
> Dennis Flannigan
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While I am sorry that we are all heading in the direction discussions on
racism from another time always seem to go, Let us all take pause and
think about the premise we need to hold ourselves to:

We must be able to put aside our modern values in order to
dispassionately examine history. To apply modern values to those gone
before or to songs sung before is a common mistake.

The comments on the original article speak to the writer's inability to
do this.

While there might be some shallow sort of pleasure in doing this, it
does not move worthwhile discussion of historical matters in any
constructive direction. Sorry, there is little room for personal
reactions on subjects such as blackface.

There is nothing much we can add to figures in history who do not move
history in a positive direction, but there is when we find those supreme
instances of people acting "ahead of their time."

Case in point the manner is which some historians have battered
Christopher Columbus.

We do agree on this don't we?

I thought so.

Let's move on.

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr.

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