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th sets of remarks cited earlier seemed pretty reprehensible if considered =
as pretending to be intelligent discussion.=A0 I think Thomas Beecham once =
said of himself, "I find it more interesting to be clever rather than truth=
ful", but he could get away with it because, unlike most of us, he was genu=
inely clever. Also, an older colleague of mine once told me he considered s=
arcasm to be a cheap type of humour, and that made me think. Sarcasm is awf=
ully easy to slip into, and it rarely produces any concrete positive intell=
ectual results. Whimsy, on the other hand, often simply baffles people, and=
 to me that provides endless delight, if as little real end-result as sarca=
sm.=0A>=0A>I will now conclude with a series of irrelevant one-word dismiss=
als: "Ugh!", "Eeww...", "Duh!", "BS!", "C'mon!!", the positive-negative "Su=
rrre...",=A0 and the now little-used classic "Phooey!"=0A>=0A>Philip Camill=
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fensive article leads to offensive postings=0A>=0A>Strange, an article spar=
ks a pissing contest posing as discussion and=0A>dialogue. New readers must=
 be rushing to join various FB groups. Anonymous=0A>postings substitute ran=
t for courage, and cant for reasoning. Kind of a=0A>cover your face and thr=
ow a brick through the window and then run approach.=0A>Beats standing behi=
nd your remarks, and taking the criticism and/or=0A>applause.=0A>=0A>Hacks =
are hacks. Looks like we've spawned a few.=0A>=0A>Dennis Flannigan=0A>_____=
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