[78-L] Warning..offensive article, mainly because it's absolute

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Tue May 20 21:45:20 PDT 2014

There has been some discussion here about racism as
pertaining to some records produced around 1920. At
that time the American attitude toward non white people,
was not good, and is hurting us till this day. First
I would like to say we have music produced today that is
racist and sexist, for one, some rap. We have a racist
in the white house. Or at least him and his wife were when
in collage. Some of his friends are today. Any racism is
detrimental to our society . The kind of in crowd people that
think racism is OK today as long as it is directed toward
the non black race are the type of people that at the turn
of the century promoted race records and music. I however
don’t think music should be banned because we dislike the
content. I personally don’t listen to racist music, I find it
boring.  As far as ice-cream trucks, I remember in the 1950’s
they had bells, and did not play music. If they did play music,
it must have been of no consequence because I don’t
remember it.

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