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The ISPs are very aware of the outcomes, they see the mail volumes rise and fall based on their changes.  Big changes are made at midnight to 2am so that fixes can be implemented if things crash.  SPF policy for domain verification has recently been required by Google.   Yahoo made the latest changes that caused all mail from Yahoo.com members to be bounced by other member's servers, causing the bounce count to go up for about 50 of our non-yahoo members, this caused 78-L to shut them down because the count of bounced emails sent to them.  The majority members did not experience the problem because their ISPs wisely ignored the SPF verification and did not bounce.

This was an obtuse problem.  (1)  Yahoo made a change in their DNS records that said to bounce any email if (a) its from: header said yahoo.com and (b) the IP address is was arriving from was not a yahoo.com mail-server address.

(2)  Mail lists 're-send' mail and put the original senders email address in the 'From:' header.  But the re-sent email originates from a 78online.com server.

(3)  The mail is received by an aol.com member say Karen at aol.com, and aol.com's server sees the yahoo SPF specification, checks the header 'From jerryB at yahoo.com' and then sees that the sending email server, which is (klickitat.78online.com) has an IP address not owned by yahoo, so it bounces the email back to 78-L.  

(4)  Afer a bunch of email are bounced, the 78-L server automatically turns off poor Karen at aol.com's emails and sends her an error message.

So Karen at aol.com and about 49 other members of our 450 or so members got cut off.   This is temporarily fixed, but the emails from the list longer show the From: address, so the body must show who sent it with a signature or deliberate  'from jerryB' in the body. But I will have a fix for this soon.

I could have just told all members to quit using yahoo.com for sending emails, but after yahoo did this on April 14th, then about May 1st hotmail and aol started doing it too!  Arg!

Ron Fial

At 03:06 PM 5/7/2014, you wrote:
>On 2014-05-03 00:30, 78-L Mail List wrote:
>> The recent bounces problem at 78-L has also happened to the ARSC list and thousands of other email lists.  This is due to policy changes, at yahoo, msn, aol, hotmail and others.
>Are yahoo, msn, aol, hotmail and others aware of the outcome of these 
>policy changes? That it will drive mail group members into the arms of  
>Facebook and diminish the importance of their yahoo, msn, aol, hotmail 
>etc accounts? Or - conspiracy theory - is it a deliberate collective 
>effort from internet corporations to have us all choose instant 
>messaging in place of the text based, practically ad-free e-mail system 
>for our chitter-chatter? With a host of Facebook-competitors lurking in 
>the shadows?
>Kristjan Saag
>saag at telia.com
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