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Good for you Thomas.  I completely agree with you.  It may just be a 
function of our age.
From: Thomas Brown
Well, since I ADORE that era, I don't have to ask why....
From: david.diehl
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Ah, the Interlude Period, as in a temporary break in the action. That does 
fit the Doggie In the Window / Mama Will Bark Era. It just doesn't seem to
measure up to the intensity of the big band years or the rockabilly years in
terms of exciting music. Some stuff, sure, but decidedly bland by comparison
with that which surrounded it.The armchair social historian in me wants to 
an explanation for all that by looking st the folks who had just survived a
horrific war and found great comfort in the peacefulness of Dinah Shore 
and the escapist humor of Spike Jones. Has there ever been another act that 
close to the zany sounds of Spike? Ever? And for ten years America loved 
stuff. Gotta ask - why?Sent from my iPod - which explainz any bad typjngOn 
24, 2014, at 7:40 AM, Thomas Brown  wrote:> I like this one....>>>
http://home.earthlink.net/~jaymar41/InterludeTP.html>>>> -----Original
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Era>>> My last post cited the "Big Band era" and that is usually given >
definition> by Reader's Digest and Time-Life as 1936-1945. Close enough.>> 
there a commonly accepted term to describe the singers hay day > which> 
the bands and before the so-called Rock N Roll era of the > Bill> Haley - 
- Beatles years?? Is the Rock n Roll era over, or is > the> fact that the 
Four still gets airplay mean we're still in it 

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