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Yes, Thomas, there's an ad from Eloquence on the inside front cover of the
current (Spring 2014) issue of Classical Recordings Quarterly, plus a
handful of reviews in the middle of the mag. Given the op-ed placing it's
possible that these may be among the issues that Alan Sanders is referring
to in his very sensible editorial: " ... major companies' current practice
of issuing large box sets at bargain price ... is commercially sound ... buy
them while you can". These don't seem to be large sets, however.

The repertoire seems to comprise classic DG and Decca recordings from the
1950s to the early digital years, at least some of which spent little time
in the catalogue, and some were never previously issued at all. I have a
couple of their early reissues including one of non-Joplin rags by Joshua

Feel free to contact me off forum for more info.

Andrew in Luxembourg


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The complete 1954-55 DGG/Decca recordings by ANDOR FOLDES of Bartok works
have been reissued on 4-cd's
in AUSTRALIA by UNIVERSAL on their ELOQUENCE label [DG 480 7100].  Appear to
be available worldwide.
They have also issued a CD of works by KODALY [DG 480 7099].

There are many interesting reissues from ELOQUENCE.  Anyone have background
about this program ???  Thanks!

Best wishes, Thomas.


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Subject: [78-L] Arthur "GB"Smith
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"Obituary for Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, composer of "Feudin' Banjos"
(which became "Dueling Banjos") and founder of the CMH record label."
Wasn't it co-authored by Don Reno??

Bill Knowlton


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